If you find, you are lucky; 2 CCTV installed cabs in Bengaluru

Trepidation of parents of a 12-year-old girl to send her alone in a cab they booked through Ola eased, moments after 

the driver of a cab showed surveillance camera that he installed to ensure safety of the commuters.

B M Raghuswamy’s white Tata Indica (KA-05-AD-1675) which is attached to two prime cab aggregators, Ola and Uber is equipped with closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) to guarantee the safety of passengers and driver as well. The arrangement cost him ₹ 9,500.

“Apprehension the parents expressed whether it was ok to send 12-year-old girl alone in the cab from Jayanagar-Kormangala vanished after I told about CCTV.” The parents then happily sent the kid in cab, says Raghuswamy with pride.In a city that witnessed harassment of women by cab drivers, robbing cabbies and trapping drivers, the fresh idea of

In a city that witnessed harassment of women by cab drivers, robbing cabbies and trapping drivers, the fresh idea of Raghuswamy and his friend Venkatesh Sharma to install CCTV in their cars could revolutionise system of cab-safety in the state capital.

Hearing stories of sexual harassment of drivers, dacoit, passengers running away without paying cash and trapping the cabbies into wrong situations; good pals- Raghuswamy and Venkatesh Sharma, 3 months back decided to fix CCTV to their cars. Theirs are the only two cabs with CCTVs in one of the fastest booming cities, setting a model.

“This, in fact, saved me once. A lady passenger complained to Ola that a tab she left in my car was missing and suspected that I stole. I was summoned to the Ola office,” Raghuswamy said.

He continued, “I then played out the footage from the point she boarded the cab, till she alighted. The lady neither carried a tab nor truthful before the Ola. It was a classic case of trap.”

Both Raghu and Sharma each spent ₹9,500  for CCTV and a memory equipment that has a storage capacity of 500 GB. Cameras are placed at the top left, above the front seat and positioned neatly to capture all sides. It is connected to the memory device which is kept below the front seat.

Venkatesh Sharma, who owns Toyota Etios Liva (KA-05-AE 7607) opines cab aggregating companies must mandate installation of CCTVs in all cabs as a safety measure. If done, this will help women to travel fear-free in cabs, which is not the case currently.

On the other hand, this may also help the police to nab the culprits who rob cabbies in the dark hours. “Some run away not paying the bill. In this case, a driver can track the person to recover the bill.” Sharma added.