Iconography at big fat wedding and Janardhan Reddy’s delusion of reincarnation

Iconography at big fat wedding and Janardhan Reddy’s delusion of reincarnation

Hardly debated in the media spaces is about intentions of Karnataka’s corruption accused billionaire, Gali Janardhan Reddy behind the squeamish display of colossal opulence.

The wedding of Reddy’s daughter (Brahmani) that was kicked off from November 15, was accommodated at palace ground adorned with sets resembling India’s heritage site Hampi. However, only a few in social media shot questions in regard to this resembles and Reddy’s belief that led him to construct artificial set of Hampi, once reigned by monarch Krishnadevaraya (1509-1530).

Dream and reincarnation

In an informal talk with Samachara, Janardhan Reddy’s younger brother Gali Somashekara Reddy revealed, his brother and whole family believes that Janardhan Reddy is reincarnation of king Krishnadevaraya. “God Anjaneya, once appeared in Janardhan Reddy’s dream and pronounced that he is the reincarnation of Krishnadevaraya.” Post-dream, he and family members were enlightened to this aspect.

According to Somashekara Reddy, after this dream - his brother started to imbibe characters of Krishnadevaraya and started to live a life like him. However, interesting to pick from this conversation for further inquiry is dream and reincarnation. What actually driven Reddy’s subconscious to playout such dream and what makes a person to strongly believe himself, reincarnation of a past legend.

       kasapura Anjaneyya
kasapura Anjaneyya

According to Somashekara, Kasapura Anjaneya is a god Reddy brothers are devotees of. There was an incident that influenced Reddy brothers to become staunch worshipers of this god. Kasapura Anjaneya is located in Kasapura at Anantapur district of Andra Pradesh.

“Once, while former minister B Sriramulu and Janardhan Reddy were on their way back from Kasapura Anjaneya temple to Bellary, they survived an attacked launched by their rivals. It is due to blessings of this god. After this incident, belief only grew stronger,” Somashekara said.

Psychological reasons for Reddy’s delusion

President of Federation of Indian Rationalist Association, Narendra Nayak said dream Reddy had was a pacifier of his inferiority complex. Reddy hails from a lower socio-economic background. His father was a constable in the police department. “When he started to accumulate wealth, he certainly suffered from an inferiority complex that he did not belong to a wealthy aristocrat family. This, he could have developed after meeting affluent section of society, which enjoyed wealth from the lineage.”

A dream naturally struck, pacifying his inferiority. The images of the dream are sourced from images a human sees in reality and stories he read or here. After this dream, Reddy found a way out to overcome his inferiority complex living in a delusion which also supported by people around him, Nayak explained.

Nayak further said, in the 21th century, “we here reincarnation stories from cart pullers, daily wage workers or people from low-income strata.” These people feel this way either to lay claim over property and money or to claim moral attachment to a wealthy family, thus overcoming their inferiority.

A psychiatrist, Doctor Shridhar said politicians gathering sudden wealth suffer from delusions. And it actually helps them to sway control over people around them and justify the wrong doings linking it to legends. Reddy’s dream may be a false story circulated for people to pursue him as a legend in order to serve political interests.

On the other hand, psychologically speaking he is suffering from delusion. The imaginations that surfaced in dream trapped him in a delusion of him being the reincarnation of Krishnadevaraya, Shridhar opined.

Summarising, taking a note of all these narrates perfect reasons behind his move. Availing of gold in different proportions in materials used for marriage points at an era of Krishnadevaraya where golds were reportedly sold on the streets. The majestic sets erected at the palace on the direction of Janardhan Reddy is iconography of time of Vijayanagara Empire. This just further provide food for his delusion of reincarnation.